Welcome to the Viral Vector Facility!


Based on the decision of the Executive Board of the University of Zurich to start a gradual return to on-site operations,

the VVF is open and accepting new requests. 


Please note the following changes to our normal working routine:

  • As working at the UZH is currently allowed only with reduced presence of personnel, the time for processing requests is longer than usual.
  • Production of new viral vectors will only start on May, 21st, as we first need to expand the producer cell line.
  • Consultations will only take place via e-mail, phone, Skype or other electronic media.
  • If you want to pick up viral vectors or need to provide plasmids or other material to the VVF, please contact Dr. Jean-Charles Paterna by phone (044 635 59 91) or e-mail beforehand.

For general questions, please email info@vvf.uzh.ch


Services offered by the Viral Vector Facility

The VVF offers the following services:

  • premade AAV viral vectors (repository)
  • custom-made viral vectors
  • molecular biology services

Viral Vector Repository

Premade AAV viral vectors are available as 50 μl aliquots from our repository.

Due to the limited stability of lentiviral and γ-retroviral vectors, these kind of viral vectors can not be offered via our repository.

For more information, please have a look here, or go directly to our Viral Vector Repository.

Custom-made viral vectors

The VVF currently offers the production of the following viral vectors on a custom-made basis:

  • single-stranded and self-complementary adenovirus-associated virus (AAV) vectors
  • lentiviral (LV) vectors
  • γ-retrovirus (RV) vectors

More information can be found here. Ordering of custom-made viral vectors has to be done using our Ordering System.

Molecular biology services

The molecular biology services available at the VVF cover:

  • cloning (custom-made plasmids)
  • amplification of plasmids (e. g. cloned by customer, obtained from a collaborator, stab culture ordered from Addgene)
  • large scale amplification of plasmids (up to 100 mg)

Amplification of plasmids is not limited to viral vector plasmids. More information about the molecular biology services can be found here.

All of the molecular biology services have to be ordered through our Ordering System.