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Viral Vector Facility


What you will have to pay

The VVF distinguishes between three categories of affiliations:

  • academia
  • industry
  • VVF-members

Currently, only researchers from the ETH Zurich and University Zurich can apply for an annual VVF-membership.

Annual VVF membership

3000 CHF, 365 days, redeemable anytime

An annual VVF membership offers a 1/3 discount on regular prices.
The membership fee has to be paid only by the PI and is valid for every group member.
Please note that only scientists associated with either the University of Zurich (UZH) or the ETH Zurich are eligible for membership.

Molecular biology services

  academia industry VVF members
> 500 μg of plasmid DNA
975 CHF 1300 CHF 650 CHF
plasmid amplification**
0.5 - 4mg of plasmid DNA
225 CHF 300 CHF 150 CHF
Adding a new AAV vector of general interest to the viral vector repository (missing DNA sequences must be provided by the customer)      
  • construction, amplification and characterization of a new AAV vector plasmid 
300 CHF 375 CHF 200 CHF
  • amplification and characterization of an existing AAV vector plasmid
150 CHF 200 CHF 100 CHF

*Prices are for each construct (intermediate or final), thus the total price for the desired construct depends on the cloning strategy. From the final construct, at least 500 μg of plasmid DNA for virus production and/or the scientist's inventory is produced. Scientist can also get a sample of all intermediate constructs, but only a small amount (usually < 1 µg).

**Prices are for amplification of an already existing plasmid (e.g. amplification from a stab culture ordered from Addgene). Prices include confirmation of plasmid identity and integrity by sequencing and restriction enzyme analysis. The final amount depends on the nature of the plasmid. Prices are only valid if the quality control doesn't reveal any discrepancies.

Custom-made viral vectors

  academia industry VVF members
AAV vectors
1 ml at ≥ 1 x 1012 vg/ml*
1500 CHF 2000 CHF 1000 CHF
lentiviral and γ-retroviral vectors** 1500 CHF 2000 CHF 1000 CHF

*For AAV preparations, a physical titer using the Qubit®3.0 Fluorometer is determined. The indicated titer can not be guaranteed for vectors expressing toxic genes or shRNA or have an oversized genome.

**Currently, for lentiviral and γ-retroviral vectors only functional titers can be determined. Determination of the functional titer is not done by the VVF.


Special service: All viral vector aliquots from the repository that are identified during a consultation as useful for the clarification of experimental questions are free of charge.

  academia industry VVF members
AAV viral vector (50 µl aliquot) 150 CHF 200 CHF 100 CHF
plasmid (20-50 µg aliquot) 75 CHF 100 CHF 50 CHF


We ship our viral vectors on dry ice in a P650-certified thermo-package.

For package and dry ice, we charge at our net cost price:
- 100 CHF within Europe
- 150 CHF outside of Europe

Shipping itself is executed under the account number of your institution's carrier. Prices for shipping therefor depend on what your institute negotiated with the carrier.

Within Switzerland, we ship with Swiss Post and the costs for shipping are already included in the price for the package and dry ice.