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Viral Vector Facility

AAV serotypes 3 and 4 now available through VVF

The VVF has now included AAV serotypes 3B and 4 into its repertoire. Serotype 3 exists in two slightly different variants termed 3A and 3B, which differ within their Cap proteins by six amino acids (Rutledge, E. A., J. Virol., 1998). Recently produced new AAV helper plasmids now allow the production of high-titer AAV-3B and AAV-4 vectors. Both serotypes are not commonly offered.

In contrast to other AAV serotypes, serotypes 3 and 4 are not widely explored. Furthermore, they seem to be more specific for certain cell types than the other AAV serotypes. AAV-3 was reported to transduce cochlear inner hair cells, liver cancer cells, human hepatocytes (AAV-3B) and cell lines of the erythroid/megakaryocytoid lineage, whereas AAV-4 demonstrated efficient transduction of retinal pigmented epithelium, ependymal cells and astrocytes.

For testing purposes, self-complementary AAV vectors v65-3 and v65-4 are available through our viral vector repository.