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Viral Vector Facility

rAAV2-retro vectors now available through VVF

rAAV2-retro is a capsid variant (Tervo et al., A Designer AAV Variant Permits Efficient Retrograde Access to Projection Neurons, Neuron, 2016) derived from AAV serotype 2 that contains two single amino acid mutations (Asn382Asp and Val708Ile, VP1-numbering) and a decapeptide insertion (LADQDYTKTA, inserted between Asn587 and Arg588).

The rAAV2-retro variant was selected for efficient retrograde transport. It shows a significant enhancement in retrograde transport compared to other AAV serotypes or canine adenovirus serotype 2 (CAV-2), matching the efficacy of synthetic tracers.
rAAV2-retro can be used to transduce most classes of projection neurons at their axonal terminals, offering the possibility to analyze neural circuits or address questions regarding the brain’s connectome.

To make this promising new AAV capsid variant available to academic researchers, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the VVF have signed a “Biological Material Depository Agreement”. Researchers are granted access to rAAV2-retro vectors from the VVF after signing an MTA with the VVF.